Mr. C Amaraweera

Disaster Management Assistant Director

Telephone   :066-2230926


District disaster management coordinating unit has established an emergency operation unit to cover 11 divisional secretary divisions to operate around the clock to when any disaster  coordinate relevant institutes and take action to minimize the disaster and do relief activities at post disasters.

Minimizing Disasters

  • Implement projects to minimize disasters, As an example :- Cleaning canals to minimize floods

Disaster Preventing

Matale district disaster management unit is doing special activity to save people by preventing disasters.
As an example:- Special attention is being drawn for the people in  ares who faced to the flood,earth slips and drought within matale district. 

Disaster Pre Preparation

Pre readyness planning done for 13 divisional divisions  by district disaster management unit and establishing rural committee in victimized gramaniladari divisions  and maintaining and awarding them disaster accessory kits done by the disaster management unit.

And awareness programmes and trial programmes were held continua sly in costal zones with tsunami danger. Specially in tsunami zone, recognizing safe places and mapping them and marking safe ways to the places were done for the safety of people, as well as for protecting people from tsunami, erecting siren horn and towers done under disaster pr alarming systems.

Recognizing disaster possibilities and preventing them and supplying instant relief for possible disasters are the activities of this unit.