Let’s make strength our duties to increase essential services and production section.

Mr.karunasiri Perera, District Secretary of Matale has stated that all of staff officer should be reported for the duty after preparation of a duty mechanism that can be carried out essential services and production section in sturdy manner by following the health habits as the curfew has simplified by the government.

He told this to the officers of district secretariat by addressing them on the early hours of 21st today after the discussion held with His Excellency President Mr.Gotabaya Rajapaksha.

He has instructed to make a system to call minimally 50% of officers to report to the duty by preparing of a duty list to incline everyone for the duty.

He advised to call in more officers who have transport facilities to the office specially by considering the location of the district and officers who unable to reach the office to report their duty to the divisional secretariats.

Mr.Perera, District Secretary of matale told that especially the cellular phones of all the officers should activate in every 24 hours and each and every officers should be dedicated for their twenty four hours service. Officers who call on for essential services should be reported when call on them in any time.