Rs.5000 of elders allowance has provided for 16394 seneior citizens who exceede the age limit of 70 years and less income family groups in the matale district due to the Covid - 19 pandemic. Already it is being paid Rs.2000 for 11812 elders who are in age than 70 years and Action had taken to  increese the allowance  upto Rs.5000 and to send to their home. Rs. 5000 of allowance has paid for 4582 of  persons in the waiting list for the month of April inaddition to the Seneior Citizens who already receive the allowance.  Accordingly, Rs. 5000 of allowance has provided 116394 of Seneior Citizens in the Matale District.

Thus, This allowance has also provided for  14 of Seneior Citizens who are than 100 years age in this district.